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The latest advances in industry

The latest industrial advances feature cutting-edge technologies designed to make processes more efficient and flexible. These technologies include collaborative robots, exoskeletons and 3D printing.


Industrial growth

Key factor in economic growth


Industrial trends

Technological, social and economic developments


New industrial prospects

Adapting to climate change and ecological transition

Industrial manufacturing

Technologies that reshape manufacturing

Industrial manufacturing affects many fields, including the automotive, aeronautical and chemical industries. This set of activities is revamping the whole industry.

In this digital age, industrial manufacturing is rapidly expanding. It is currently modernising its infrastructure and equipment. The technologies contributing to the evolution of the industrial manufacturing include technical expertise, advanced manufacturing and logistics solutions. If you use the services of, this industry operates in a variety of fields: lighting, medical, automotive, etc.


Consumer goods and multimedia


Reducing the impact of our activities on the environment

The global printed circuit board market

Managing your projects with transparency and expertise

Telecommunications industry

Communication news


The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things can be wireless or wired. It can be a device integrated into the object, an external accessory or a software application.


5G technology

Theoretically, 5G offers a maximum speed of 20 Gb/s. This is 20 times faster than 4G (capped at 1 Gb/s).


Edge computing

Edge computing reduces latency by avoiding transfers to a remote cloud or data centre. Edge computing offers better performance for IT services.

Automotive industry

The latest technological advances

Vehicle connectivity is one of the technological advances revolutionising the car industry. These developments are making mobility more interactive and more personalised. Its services are also available in real time, more details on

Vehicle electrification

Vehicle electrification

Replace combustion engines with electric motors.

Autonomous cars

Autonomous cars

Drive without human intervention thanks to a set of detection systems.

Shared mobility

Shared mobility

Car-sharing and car-pooling are two examples of shared mobility.

Active safety technology

Active safety technology

Improve vehicle control or correct driving errors.


New boundaries in aviation

Innovations that are transforming the industry

Space aviation

Space aviation was inspired by the work of the inventor of the Apollo programme, Wernher von Braun. This form of aviation is based on reusability and versatility. These robust, reliable vehicles reduce the costs and risks of space operations.

Autonomous flight & drones

The advantage of autonomous flight is that it reduces the risk of human error while improving operator’s comfort. It is powered by computer systems capable of extending the range of action of drones. Drones and autonomous flight are technologies that come with new challenges for the aeronautics industry, more details on

Smart optimisation

How do industrial technologies increase production efficiency?

3D printing

3D printing

To print an object in 3D, you need CAD software or scan an existing object.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4

The fourth industrial revolution integrates digital technologies to facilitate production processes.

Advanced automation

Advanced automation

Advanced automation uses cutting-edge technologies to improve complex processes. It also significantly boosts productivity.